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Unveiling the Story Behind Our BC CAMO: Inspired by fostering relationships with the land we inhabit.

Tucked in Canada's west coast lies a landscape like no other. British Columbia's rugged terrain, lush forests, and towering mountains have long captivated the imagination of endless people. It is this untamed beauty that served as the inspiration behind the creation of BC CAMO, a pattern that pays homage to the natural scenery of British Columbia. 


The energy of the Pacific North West had always been embedded in the identity of PEOS, and the development of BC CAMO is a reflection of the current relationships we have with the land we inhabit. 

The criteria was quite simple; develop a pattern that reflects the natural environment while incorporating the identity of the brand. It was important that the pattern retained familiarity, rather than an attempt to reinvent it- ultimately leading to a reinterpretation of the traditional camouflage pattern. The result is a merge between the topographic patterns of British Columbia, while borrowing signature colours from PEOS.  
Bringing the BC CAMO pattern to life with the creatives at PEOS has truly been a collaborative effort. I would like to extend my gratitude to the PEOS family and their continued effort to bring tried and true designs to life. 
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