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PEOS (Platoon East Operation System)

PEOS is a collective of enthusiasts who gravitate towards utilitarian, yet approachable objects, clothing, and gear. We curate items with a distinctive aesthetic, driven by a shared passion for functions and forms. Collaboration with our allies is key, allowing us to prototype, field test, and perfect our offerings.

We are a Canadian-based company that operates in British Columbia, with the aid of PEOS HQ overseeing the organization's operations. Our products are researched, developed, and curated at the PEOS Warehouse located in South Korea, where they are then produced under PEOS Production and distributed to the battlefield of everyday life.

Our lineup features five unique collections, each embodying a different facet of PEOS’ identity. The Heritage Line honours our past, the Vanguard Line captures the present, the Nova Line envisions the future, the Off Duty Line embraces recreation, and the Alliance Collection showcases collaborations and partnerships.

PEOS is a collective of like-minded individuals, our passions, and our pursuits, translated through objects, bringing together various aspects of life under one roof.

PEOS HQ / 2023-04-08

PEOS Industries Ltd.

PEOS Industries Ltd. operates within a unique and efficient organizational structure, consisting of three key components: PEOS HQ; the command center, PEOS Warehouse; the innovation hub, and PEOS Production; the manufacturing and supply division. This well-coordinated framework allows us to optimize product quality and production capacity while establishing a robust global supply chain.

Welcome to PEOS Industries Ltd., where ingenuity and dedication converge to shape a future of unrivalled strength and resilience.

PEOS HQ: Command Headquarters

At PEOS HQ, the central command center, a dedicated team of professionals strategically plans and oversees the organization's operations. We possess a deep commitment to excellence and are composed of experts in their respective fields. Focusing on addressing market demands promptly and delivering exceptional services, we gather valuable information and adapt to emerging trends. Creating an environment that motivates and empowers our team is of utmost importance while setting realistic and achievable goals. Guided by an efficient and innovative business model, PEOS HQ leads the way at the forefront of collaborative growth among allied forces.

Duties: Strategic planning and execution, managing alliances and supply chain, overseeing operational activities, and placing supply orders.

PEOS Warehouse: Research & Development

The PEOS Warehouse serves as the innovation hub, where ideas take shape and prototypes are developed. Our talented team of designers, engineers, and innovators work closely to evolve ideas into reality. Prototyping, product testing, and all decisions related to the form and design of our products take place at the PEOS Warehouse.

Duties: Researching and developing new supply items, prototyping, sampling and reporting to HQ, and managing supply orders.

PEOS Production: Manufacture & Supply

PEOS Production operates as a supply division dedicated to manufacturing high-quality products and ensuring a stable supply chain. We leverage our dependable production capacity and dedicated workforce to meet the supply orders from HQ and Warehouse. Through strategic partnerships with trusted and like-minded collaborators, we extend our commitment to quality throughout the global market. We also welcome any others that share the same goal as us.

Duties: Managing and overseeing the production alliance and supply chain to ensure a stable supply of goods to PEOS Warehouse and HQ.

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