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Development of the Reversible Wing Tarp: Safety Meets Innovation

In the ever-changing and often challenging outdoors, safety is paramount. Statistics from the British Columbia Search And Rescue Association (BCSARA) are a stark reminder of this reality. With over 8,200 rescue requests in British Columbia in the last five years, the need for preparedness in the wild is more pressing than ever.

Last spring, at a serene lake in British Columbia, we observed a common trend among our team and fellow campers – the reliance on emergency communication devices, from GPS communicators to Ham Radios. This was a precaution against the unpredictable – sudden weather shifts, rising river levels, and the all-too-easy disorientation in vast wildernesses.

It was here, amidst nature's unpredictability, that an idea sparked within PEOS: What if we could offer another layer of safety?

As fate would have it, we were in the midst of developing a new kind of tarp. This project morphed into an exploration of enhancing visibility in emergency situations. Our solution? A reversible Wing Tarp that can easily switch colors to signal for help.

Drawing inspiration from military flight jackets, we crafted a double-sided coated fabric - Sage, our signature color, for regular use, and Orange for emergencies. The challenge was integrating this feature without compromising on style or function. We developed a custom seam tape, color-matched and durable, to seamlessly blend with the fabric, turning our sub-color Orange into a stylish feature for everyday camping.

The second breakthrough came in addressing the practicality of switching modes. To avoid the hassle of untying and retying guylines, we collaborated with our ally to create a novel buckle system. This innovation allows for a swift transition to "rescue request mode," blending convenience with safety.

This journey wasn't just about creating a product; it was a venture into uncharted territory of hardware development, setting the stage for future innovations at PEOS.

At PEOS, our mission extends beyond enjoyment in the outdoors; it's about creating a safer, more prepared outdoor experience. Through continuous innovation and strategic partnerships, we are committed to enhancing both the pleasure and safety of outdoor adventures. 


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